Monday, May 22, 2017

One Who Knows: "I'm Moving... Soon"

By One Who Knows

I'm Moving.... Soon

Before I get to that news, I want to tell you that we will be getting the Exact Instructions for the GCR BEFORE we take any actions. Just relax, there is a plan that includes EVERYONE. Since the GCR is at our doorstep, I have been getting questions about my posting after the GCR....

I'll Be Moving

I'll still be posting after the GCR about New Age, Manifesting, Reality Creation and other more advanced stuff. It is my JOY to do so. However, Intel Dinar Chronicles will have served its purpose by then. I expect it will still be here, but the GCR will be over and Disclosure and Enlightenment will be next. Patrick will be Posting my writings on his other website, "Operation Disclosure."

This web site will take over as the "Premier" location for Light Workers on a Mission. I don't know how much "Hands-On" Patrick will be on that web page after the GCR, but he will have good people running it in the way that we have come to expect from Patrick. First class in every way.

The "Grape-Vine"

I have heard through the "Grape-Vine" that all the Humanitarian projects and enlightenment type posts will be transferred to that website for easy access. I fully expect it to be "The Place" to find out what is going on and to share and learn from each other. While I don't know this for a fact, I am quite sure that some of our favorite posters will make an appearance there, from time to time, as well.

What To Expect

I wouldn't be surprised to see things like Videos from Hollow Earth, and interviews with our Extraterrestrial Brothers and Sisters, advanced technologies, and travel videos from Mars and every other planet in our solar system and beyond. We will learn about getting Space ship "Rides," getting flying cars (And Yachts), and learning how to teleport. It is truly going to be amazing and wonderful at the same time.

Heads Up

Sephora & I have had many adventures, that you didn't know about, in defeating the Evil Cabal on this Planet, and we will be releasing some amazing stories about our recent adventures soon. It involves Energy, Portals, Ley Lines, and Mind Powers to mention a few topics. We have been asked to share as a sort of "Personal Disclosure," and I can tell you that you will be amazed. As before, we have pictures of the before and after of "Things" we have done and discovered. It turns out that we were "Allowed" to take pictures so that we could later share them with you. Sephora is an amazing person with abilities that I wish I had. While posting about Currency wasn't really her thing, I hope and expect that she will post more of the super interesting stuff after the GCR. In the mean time, those recent stories will be coming soon.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that writing, sharing and teaching is what I love more than anything. It will not come to an end just because the GCR is over. My writing will just evolve and move to Patrick's other website "Operation Disclosure." On that site I will share stories about Human Super-Powers, manifesting, Reality Creation and matters relating to Ascension just to name a few. I look forward to seeing you all there after the GCR is over....

Until then, With ALL MY LOVE,

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

One Who Knows: Confirming Grandfather's Message and More

"Confirming Grandfather's Message & More"
One Who Knows - 5/19/2017

I Can Confirm Grandfather's Message

There was a message that showed up on IDC last night that was very telling. It should be read by everyone!

"Judgement Day" - Channeled Message of GrandFather 5-19-17

It looks like these are the days of judgment my friends. This was not the first message that Grandfather has given us. He declared that Disinformation would no longer be tolerated and gave notice. Remember this one?

"Message from Grandfather" - One Who Knows - 4.24.17

Today's (5-19-2017) Message From Grandfather:


From another "Elder":


This means that it has ALWAYS MATTERED, who you think like and act like!

(It Turns Out, People's Thoughts & Actions Did Matter)

Just in the recent days we have had many events and posts that tell us we are at the end and it turns out our actions DID Matter. Just as a re-cap, I am going to list the ones that come to mind.

The Republic's "Operation Sand Paper"

"Republic ALERT: Operation Sand Paper, NOW ACTIVATED!" - One Who Knows - 5.15.17

"Re-Cap of the Republic's Operation Sand Paper" - One Who Knows & Scarlet Fox - 5.16.17

In this operation, the Republic forces arrested people, closed down websites and searched the Web for people who were posting Fraudulent information about the Republic NESARA/GESARA. This is only the part we know about and saw with our own eyes. There was much more that we don't know about.

(It Turns Out, People's Thoughts & Actions Did Matter)


"Chalk" - GCR/RV Intel Update - Wednesday - May 17, 2017

It turns out that you will be judged by your posts, actions and the like that indicate what kind of a person you are, what you TRUE heart is. While the Elders and the NPTB, KNOW EVERYTHING about you, even parking tickets, the only things that matter are those that indicate the type of person you are. It all comes out in the end, as they say.

(It Turns Out, People's Thoughts & Actions Did Matter)

Posting On IDC

Who's stage Is It anyway? It turns out that it does matter what you are posting and we had several Cabal minions get taken down on this site. There are many more who got taken down just based on the posts they sent Patrick, which never even got posted. There is a new Sheriff in town and it is the Republic.

"Who's Stage Is It Anyway?" - One Who Knows - 5.17.17

"If You Lock Your House's Front Door..." - One Who Knows - 5.18.17

"IDC Light Warriors Brigade/Update" - One Who Knows - 5.13.17

(It Turns Out, People's Thoughts & Actions Did Matter)

Time Line Split

We have been hearing more on the coming Timeline split. Where one time line continues to 5d, and the other one turns back to 3d. As it turns out, your TRUE vibration is the only way you will be "Judged" or selected, or segregated, into one timeline or the other. The choice is made for you, based on the TRUTH of your vibration. (You can't Fake this, or talk your way out of it either)

"What If We Are All Correct?" - One Who Knows - 5.19.17

Here is a recent message 5/14/2017 from Sananda who was talking about the Timeline split as well. Sunday Call - May 14, 2017

Here is a direct quote on the matter from Sananda:

********** Begin Excerpt *********

And you will continue to have these events, these synchronistic events that will occur in your lives because as you are moving into these higher vibrations more frequently, more consistently you're going to experience many more of these synchronicities in your life as everything is coming together into one timeline.

You have heard previously that the two timelines have split into two or more and that is correct. But eventually the two timelines will split completely and you will be left with the one.

That is the one that you are moving toward into the new Golden Age that is upon you.

********** End Excerpt *********

He is speaking to the ones who are thinking and vibrating at the higher frequencies heading to 5d. What he didn't say is where the "Other" timeline was going to go. I explained that, and so did Zorra in one of his talks. On this call starting at 37 minutes I explain in great detail how you adjust your vibration so that you will end up in the 5d timeline when they split.

"Zorra Call Re-Play & Transcript (3-25-2017)" - One Who Knows - 3.26.17

Another important post on raising your Vibrations:

"How To Raise Your Vibration" - One Who Knows - 5.11.17

(It Turns Out, People's Thoughts & Actions Did Matter)

Currencies GCR

It also turns out that speaking badly about the ZIM and the Revaluation could end up preventing a person from being able to exchange. We used to have quite a few Trolls on this website that would say that the Zim would not revalue. But notice that doesn't happen anymore.... I wrote a post about it, and after I did, I heard that a couple of dozen CIA & FBI Trolls turned themselves in because they realized that they might get blocked from exchanging. (They were right, they WOULD get blocked) Many of them got an amnesty deal. BUT the NO-EXCHANGE threat is VERY REAL. Here is a post I wrote on it.

"Guilty of Financial Fraud on Zim?" - One Who Knows - 3.30.17

(It Turns Out, People's Thoughts & Actions Did Matter)

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that I have been posting and bringing this message to Dinarland and have been having to deal with the Cabal Trolls and Minions, and even our own resident nay-sayers. BUT, that is of no consequence to me, after all, I know where I stand. I stand with the Republic, NESARA/GESARA, High Zim Rates, Disclosure, the Golden Age, and peace and prosperity for the next 10,000 years. My vibration is high, VERY HIGH, as I love nothing more than to help people, and yes "Hope For The World," I did write the book, perhaps you should read it.

However, all that being said, I am NOT the judge, you are. You are the ones who DECIDE what you think and believe. You are the ones who set your own vibrations to happiness and hopeful expectation, or gloom and doom, and attacking whatever is new and different. All I can say is that those who are so certain that things have not changed, may find out they are absolutely correct, in their coming reality time line. And, those who believe things have changed for the better and that we are headed into the Golden Age, will also be proved correct as well. What an amazing Universe we live in. Each of us gets to be right and so shall we be sorted, selected, segregated according to our beliefs into the most appropriate time line for our Vibrational perspective. So, in the end, it is a choice that we all make. Is it "Working Out" or "Not Working Out?"


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

One Who Knows and Scarlet Fox: Re-Cap of the Republic's Operation Sand Paper

"Re-Cap of the Republic's Operation Sand Paper"
One Who Knows & Scarlet Fox - 5.16.17

It is a very exciting time in Dinarland. On the one hand we are at the VERY LAST step of the GCR roll out, and on the other hand the CABAL are making their most desperate and frankly, VERY LAST attempts to slow it down. I say slow it down, because, now that we have the Military, the Governments, the Financial systems and have all but choked out all means of financing for the now defunct Cabal, stopping the GCR (Global Currency Reset) is IMPOSSIBLE.

More Minion Take Downs On IDC

As I have said, the remaining Dregs of the old Cabal, are fighting for a few more days of freedom, but that is a fight they cannot win. Just so you know, there have been two more "Minion Groups" that have been taken down (Into Custody), here on IDC ( IDC ). You don't know who they are because their "Posts" did NOT get published, as they were so vile, and harmful, that they were deemed not worthy. But worthy is an interesting concept, because they were not worthy to be published on our great IDC, but they WERE WORTHY for a personal visit from the Republic Light Forces. It seems that "Intent" to post what they were going to post was enough to be picked up. My friends, "DO NO HARM" is a very real thing, and as I have mentioned before, the Republic has been in "Force" for a couple of years or more. Up until now, they have been "Conducting Operations" in secret.... Until last night!

These Are Desperate Times For The Remaining Minions

Sephora and I have been involved in many of the "Unknown" Republic Take Down operations, and we intend to write about it after the GCR has "Finished" and everyone gets paid. That being said, we were called on again last night, very late. It seems that the Republic Leadership had gotten word of a Massive disinformation campaign planned and actually underway on the net. We are at the end of this ride, and the Minions were going to cause a massive disruption to try to keep it from completing.

We didn't see any of these "Disruptive" posts on our site as the Minions A) Know better than to try us, and B) Get shut down before being posted and in 2 cases were actually picked up as a result. So it is literally dangerous for a minion to try to post Cabal Propaganda on our IDC, as 2 have been picked up just for trying.

However, last night it got interesting and exciting. "Operation Sand Paper" was launched as the First Public, Republic take-down operation and we were invited to help.

Operation Sand Paper

When the Republic first became aware of the pending Cabal disruption threat, there was only one group they came to for help..... You know who..... YES! It was the Powerful and Active Light Workers on IDC!

The details of the Operation were posted last night and the Operation went "LIVE!" Here is the Operation Sand Paper, Light Worker Call to action Post:

"Republic ALERT: Operation Sand Paper, NOW ACTIVATED!" - One Who Knows - 5.15.17

We are well known through the Galactic Fleet. In fact, I talked to Ashtar last night after the Operation had been declared successful, and he said that when the Post for Operation Sand Paper came up on IDC, a "Ripple" went through the fleet, and then he said, that from their vantage point, the ripple then went through the internet as well.

While the Republic has been conducting operations in secret, this is the first time that it has conducted an operation publically, and we were asked to help because we are the Best of the Best. They knew that if they called on us, we would respond in force and we sure did!

The Operation, Step by Step

So, the first thing that happened is that Sephora and I were contacted, but this time Scarlet Fox, who has been involved in past secret operations was asked to be in the lead this time. You don't know her on IDC, but she is an integral part of what has been going on behind the scenes with Sephora and I.

#1) Scarlet Fox and I were Briefed by the Republic Leadership, on the pending Cabal Internet Disinformation attack plan.

#2) Operation "Sand Paper" was born and the plan was to enlist the help of the best Light Workers on the planet. That is you IDC!

#3) We composed the Post announcing the "Operation" and what we wanted the IDC Light Workers to do to help the Republic. Here is that post again for your reference.

"Republic ALERT: Operation Sand Paper, NOW ACTIVATED!" - One Who Knows - 5.15.17

#4) We sent the post to Patrick, but due to the time, Patrick was not posting and as we found out later, was actually sleeping. This was our first obstacle we had to overcome if this newly formed Operation was going to be successful. Importantly, time was critical since the minions had already started their Disinformation attack.

#5) I ended up sending Patrick's dad an email explaining the importance of getting our Operation post up on IDC. Most people don't know that he is active in the Dinar community behind the scenes. He emailed back that Patrick was sleeping and that he would walk over to his place and wake him up.

#6) Patrick woke up and got in to action and posted the Operation Sand Paper post. He stayed up since the Operation was "Hot" which means Happening in REAL TIME.

#7) The leads started coming in quickly, and Patrick forwarded them to Sephora, Scarlet Fox, and I as they came in. As soon as they were received, Republic Forces were dispatched to Deal with the posters and the web sites who cooperated with the Minions.

#8) Many were taken into custody last night and as of this morning, the Republic I.T. professionals are still tracing and tracking down where these posts were coming from. I quote their response to being part of this Operation: "This is what we love to do!" All I can say, is that "When you are on the winning side, jobs like this are fun, like shooting Minions in a barrel!"

#9) The operation was deemed successful and closed by about 2AM in the morning. While the full operation is over, there are still leads coming in and they will all be followed up.

We Are Special

My friends, sometimes it is hard to see yourselves as the outside World, and Galactics see you. As I mentioned earlier, Ashtar said when the Operation Sand Paper post first came up, it send a ripple through the fleet and then through the internet. Our Home, IDC, is monitored not only by the Good guys, the Republic, and the Galactics, but also by the remaining Cabal minions.

We run a clean House here and as such we get the best information, with the least disinformation of any site on the net. If it is real, and important, it finds its way here.

We also don't tolerate Cabal agenda nor the Trolls that try us. Since we are so diligent in keeping our House clean, we have the Full support of all the Light Forces to help us keep it that way. That is why minions who post on our site, and even the ones who just try to post on our site, get taken into custody. The Republic Leadership, knows what we already know, that there needs to be at least one place on the web for Light Workers to come and be safe from minion attack and harmful Cabal propaganda.

Minions Know Who We Are and Who Backs Us

The Minions talk with each other, and they all know the threat on IDC is VERY REAL. They all know about Silent Cat, Old Boater, and the others, who were taken down without their cabal messages even being posted. Clearly, we are being supported at the highest levels, and for that I send thanks to the Republic Leadership, the Light Forces and the Galactics as well, from whom no minion can hide. Here is the evidence of our Resolve here on IDC:

"IDC Light Warriors Brigade/Update" - One Who Knows - 5.13.17

This makes us Feared by the remaining minions and Trolls. We can't be corrupted, we can't be frightened, and we can't be bullied. We are so strong that our resolve is a great Threat to the minions who are left. In short, this means that when a Call to Light Workers goes out from IDC, it makes them shudder. Not only can they not post on IDC, but we will go and find them wherever they do post. That scares them because they know that we are backed by the Republic and our Threats/Promises are REAL!

The Live Action

When Operation Sand Paper started last night, we monitored the whole operation as it was going in real time. The minions had gotten a head start, and had posted their attack propaganda on several sites. While they couldn't post it on our site, they did keep an eye on our site, to see what reaction would show up. That is the thing about the Cabal, they are all about monitoring things and watching their backs.

The minute the Operation Sand Paper post came up on IDC, the reports from the Light Forces were that the Minions were in Fear. They KNOW THAT WE DO HAVE VERY REAL CONNECTIONS, AND WE DO GET PEOPLE LOCKED UP. So, when this announcement and call to action came from "The Standing Republic of The United States" they freaked out. This is the first time that the Republic has been so visible, and taking action publicly.

We are so close now, that the Republic is making itself know to us, and making sure the transition is smooth. The Cabal minions recognized that this was a real threat, that had real consequences.

Needless to say, the leads started coming in, and were being forwarded to us for "Processing." People were really being picked up and stopped, and that is when the CABAL FEAR LEVEL skyrocketed.

Fear As A Motivator

Imagine the scene: The Republic suddenly shows up in a very public way, with a message to the Light Workers to go and find these minions so they can round them up. This call to action post shows up on the most reputable site in Dinarland, where Minions actually get taken down and into custody.... a lot. Then the fact that NO ONE can hide on this World, or in this World, from the Light Forces. Any post leaves a trail back to the Poster, and it is only a matter of time before you get a knock on the door and it is over. The IDC Light Workers are scouring the Net looking for these bad actors who are trying to harm the Republic and NESARA/GESARA just before it is announced.

What do the minions do? Continue with their mass Disinformation attack plan, or take down their posts and hide?

Defeated By Their Own Fear

The answer is that the minion's VERY REAL Fear caused them to take down their posts, because there was a VERY REAL THREAT. While we expected to get hundreds of reports and leads to go after, the leads dropped off. It turns out that not only did the minions take down their own posts so they would NOT get tracked down, the web site owners took them down as well, so they would not get caught up in a Republic Sting Operation. (Frankly, if a website owner posts that harmful misinformation, they are as guilty as the posters are.)

Heads Up Website owners. Do No Harm is the new Law of the land, and when you post Cabal propaganda that says there will be no RV for example, that is a Financial Crime that could have damages into the Trillions. This is no time to be trying the NPTB and their resolve to transition this World in a peaceful manner. YOU WILL GET TAKEN DOWN, AND NOT EXCHANGE.

So, in the end, Fear took them down, or should I say, they decided it was not smart to tangle with the REPUBLIC in this matter. The disinformation posts were taken down so fast, that it surprised the Republic and even Ashtar who was monitoring what we were doing. But it didn't surprise me. I know our Light Workers are FIERCE and UNSTOPPABLE. Let this be a lesson to you remaining Minions and Trolls.

The Mop-Up

So, the official Operation finished last night, but leads are still coming in and being handled appropriately. Interestingly, without naming names, there are some of our most troublesome posters, here on IDC, who are being named as Cabal agenda as well, by anonymous sources. Just because your post gets posted on IDC doesn't mean you can get away with Harming the plan and the new Republic's operations. If this last statement makes you worry about your post, then maybe you should be worried. Thin Ice ahead....

Here is a message from Scarlet Fox who was at the helm with me last night during this Republic Operation:

******** Start Special Message ********

Scarlet Fox here...

We were pleased to be of service to the Republic on this matter. The problem with all this disinformation that has been placed on this and other sites is that it is damaging to those that are keeping their vibration high as well as causing unnecessary fear.

The Elders as well as the Republic are more than tired of these tactics and asked us to help in this matter. It is Go Time for this and their patience with antics like this is long gone. To be blunt, antics like this are destined for the Universal trash can.

One hit wonders such as these tactics are already backfiring on those that put them out there, regardless of the reason. Patience is not unlimited when it comes to the RV/GCR and these continuous stall, delay and disinformation tactics.

Richard, back to you


******** End Special Message ********

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that we were called on by the Republic again and we came through again. With our High Vibrations, Rock Solid Resolve, and quick and decisive action both on our own IDC website, and elsewhere, we have again proven why we are considered the best of the best, and why we are the ones called on again and again when help is needed.

We are so strong as a community, as a family, and as a DETERMINED group of Light Workers, that we are quite literally UNSTOPPABLE. I am a proud member of the IDC community and I am proud to call you all, my friends and family. As a song once said: "These are the days, my friends, these are the days."

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows & Scarlet Fox

Thanks to:

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sheldan Nidle: Help PAO Spread the Word...

In PAO's May Webinar, Sheldan Nidle shares his unique understanding of the history of UFOs with his listeners.

If you sense that friends, family members and/or associates may be curious to learn about "Gaia and the History of UFOs" we invite you to send them a "Live Webinar" registration link.

By pooling our collective energies during a live Webinar, we can be partners with the Galactic Federation and greatly accelerate the timeline for announcements, abundance and disclosure.

Help us spread the word: send our registration link to at least 3 people who are new to, or unfamiliar with, galactic information.

To get your registration link: Click Here

This is one Webinar you simply won’t want to miss!!!

What is a Live Webinar?

A PAO Webinar is a live Internet broadcast in which Sheldan discusses galactic topics and then answers your questions, like in a chat room. You hear Sheldan speak, and see pictures and charts illustrating his discussion topics. Each Webinar lasts between 1 and 1½ hours, the final ½ hour being devoted to your questions.

Does anything special happen to me while I attend a live Webinar?

Yes, you will:

Feel yourself being activated through heightened energy fields by a connection to the Galactic Federation.
Be attended to by Galactic Federation medical teams.
* Be part of the collective energy from fellow attendees and the Galactic Federation.

How do I join a Webinar?

It’s easy to join a Webinar on either a PC or Mac® computer. Just click the registration link, fill in your information and then click on the "Register Now" button. You will automatically be directed to PAO’s secure shopping cart where you can make your registration payment.

Initially, you will get an e-mail receipt showing that PAO received your payment. Within 48 hours, you will receive your confirmation e-mail to “Join a Webinar”. This is your personal link to PAO’s Webinar.

You will receive 2 e-mail “Reminders”, 1 day before, and 1 hour prior to, the scheduled Webinar.

To participate in PAO’s Webinar, click the “Join the Webinar” button or the link in your confirmation e-mail. We ask you to join the Webinar 5-10 minutes prior to its starting time so you won't miss a minute!

Please Note: PAO offers two Webinar dates to accommodate different time zones. Your registration fee allows you to attend both days.

Dr. Steven Greer: An Online Live Presentation Webinar - Saturday, May 20

You can hear Dr. Greer's live discussion via the webinar on Saturday, May 20!
12:20 pm PST • 3:20 pm EST • 7:20 pm GMT

You'll learn about...

  • Counter-Intelligence, Disinformation and the UFO subculture from        1947 to 2017.

  • How UFO and ET contact events are hoaxed - Secret technologies of        the Covert World - Manmade UFO, Abductions, Cattle Mutilations,        Electronic Hallucinations and more!

  • The Controllers: Fascism, War-mongers and the Secret Cabal running        Unacknowledged Special Access Projects in the post- WWII period,        Recent Disclosures from a First Family of Secrecy: Paul Mellon and        the founding of the CIA, and MORE.

  • People's Mass Disclosure: How Peaceful CE-5 Contact is the ultimate        act of enlightened non-violent Civil Disobedience.

  • Millions of people making peaceful Enlightened Contact WILL        overwhelm the axis of secrecy.

  • The vision of the next 500,000 years of Universal Peace, Interstellar        Community, Free Energy and Enlightenment.

  • Cosmic Disclosure: Faster Than Light Technology With Mark Mccandlish

    David Wilcock and Corey Goode
    Cosmic Disclosure: Faster Than Light Technology
    With Mark Mccandlish

    David Wilcock: All right. Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm your host, David Wilcock. I'm here with Corey Goode. So, Corey, welcome back to the show.

    Corey Goode: Thank you.

    David: We're going to start out now with the first of a series of interview footages from Mark McCandlish, where he's going to be talking about a particular type of propulsion system and a particular craft that one of his insider friends saw.

    So without further ado, let's take a look.

    * * * * * *

    A TOUR OF HIDDEN TECHNOLOGY _______________________________________________________________

    Mark McCandlish: I get a phone call from a friend of mine that I'd known in college. For the sake of this conversation, I'll call him Brad.

    So Brad calls up, and he says, “You know, I saw your article. I saw your art work, saw your name in the magazine, got a hold of the art director. He gave me your number, and this is Brad. Do you remember me?”

    And I said, “Yeah. That's great.”

    So we got together for lunch. We were talking, and I mentioned to him that there was an air show coming up at Norton Air Force Base, which is in San Bernardino. It's about 75 miles east of Los Angeles.

    And there was a story that they might have the SR-71 Blackbird either do a flyby or that it might be on static display, which was kind of rare back then.

    So we decide we were going to go to the air show. And at the last minute, the magazine called up and indicated that they were so happy with that illustration that they wanted me to do another illustration that was going to be coming out the following year in February of '89, on the X-31 program.

    So they wanted it completed as a quick turnaround, and so I basically had to pass on going to the air show.

    So about a week goes by, and I didn't hear anything from Brad. And I called him up, and I asked him, “Well, how did you like the air show?” But on the phone, he was very quiet.

    And I said, “Well, what's wrong? You don't sound like you had a very good time at all.”

    He said, “Well, I think I saw some things I wasn't supposed to see.”

    And I said, “Well, how can that be? Everything that's at the air show is put there for static display for the public.”

    And he says, “Well, there was another little show that happened while we were there.”

    And in the beginning of this story, when this first came to me, he made it sound as though the exhibit that he was allowed to go into, the person that he had brought along, someone that we were going to network some illustration jobs for, was a high-ranking person at Lockheed Martin, and that they were going to . . . we were going to get together and talk about doing some work.

    And this individual, right about the time the Thunderbird, the Air Force demonstration team, was about to start their program, he says to my friend, “Let's go over here.”

    So this gentleman, my friend, a number of high-ranking politicians and high-ranking military brass, all boarded a Boeing 727, military airliner – military aircraft with passenger seats and so forth. And they departed from Norton and flew up to Air Force Plant 42, which is in Palmdale. That's where Lockheed Skunk Works is located.

    So the plane rolls out. They get out of the plane, and the security detail that was around the building with a cordon and M16s, and the whole nine yards, challenged my friend because he didn't have any kind of a badge or anything like his escort did.

    And so his escort essentially vouched for him, saying that he was this gentleman's aide.

    So they go into the show, and as soon as they walk in, he looks around and he says, “Okay. I can see that there's some things here that I wasn't told about, things that you're not cleared to know about. So just keep your mouth shut. Don't say anything. Don't talk to anybody. We'll get out of here as soon as we can., but enjoy the show.”

    So Brad indicated to me that there were high-ranking Air Force officers that were walking around like tour guides, and they were showing the various aircraft types that were on display, one of which was the first generation Aurora aircraft, what the Lockheed folks called the Pulser.

    And so they had four engines that were buried in the airframe. The entire thing was covered with heat-ablative tiles, just like the Space Shuttle.

    The back end of the aircraft was being used in the same way as . . . very much like the entire back end of the aircraft was like a linear aerospike engine with dozens of these fuel ejectors that would spray fuel into this supersonic shock wave and would spontaneously combust.

    And the explosion of these gases would expand between the supersonic shock wave and the tapered afterbody of the aircraft and essentially pinch it – just like squeezing a wet pumpkin seed and having it shoot away out of your hands.

    But the interesting thing about this particular aircraft type was that it obviously had some strategic applications, that it wasn't just for high-speed, high-altitude reconnaissance.

    This was an aircraft that had weapons. And underneath the fuselage, buried in the fuselage between the engines, were 121 vertical launch tubes, each of which had a large circular heat-ablative tile on the outside that could be blown away with explosive bolts.

    And what was so fascinating about this design was they kept it as simple as possible, but it was totally effective.

    And they had what amounted to . . . that you could use either conventional explosive-type warhead, but they were in re-entry vehicles like the MIRVs that you see on an ICBM, except that above this MIRV in the tube, they had another heat-ablative tile with a big coiled spring behind it, all compressed.

    And so as soon as they blew away the outer tile, this thing would be spit out of the tube. Another tile would come down, slam into place, and immediately restore the aerodynamic efficiency of the aircraft.

    So you didn't have bomb bay doors and this kind of thing opening up when you're going at high speed.

    Another one of the things that I found from recent disclosures was that when the aircraft was actually in the active functioning as a weapons platform, that it had a tertiary, a third type, of propulsion system where the back end, which was kind of flat but triangular shaped, it would open up.

    It was like a clam shell on the back end, and a rocket motor would pop out, and this thing could then climb up into an exo-atmospheric launch position and loiter almost indefinitely.

    This was probably one of the largest remotely-operated vehicles that's ever been in the inventory. But it did have a provision for being piloted by someone internally. But mostly, it was an unmanned aircraft.

    But it could go up, and it could deploy these MIRV-type weapons from space.

    * * * * * *

    David: Well, for me, Corey, as an outsider who has not been in these circuits, when somebody comes forward and has this much technical detail, I'm extremely, extremely fascinated.

    I've heard about the Aurora for so many years. Never have I heard the kind of detail that he just gave here.

    What are your own thoughts in light of what we just saw?

    Corey: Yeah, it's the amount of detail. That's what I was going to comment on.

    The people that come out and talk about these things have normally just had a glimpse of them. They haven't had someone that was able to walk around and kick the tires and have a tour from Air Force personnel.

    So this is very good insight on the way this craft works.

    David: I had heard about the Aurora making this very loud jackhammer type of noise as it traveled.

    Corey: They left what they called, what, “donut contrails”?

    David: Right. But never have I gotten anywhere near that type of technical detail about it.

    What do you feel this kind of a craft, the Aurora, which apparently is one of the more classic designs, even all the way back to the '80s and so forth . . . What might the Aurora be used for?

    Corey: Back in that day, all high-altitude craft were usually exclusively either for a reconnaissance or for delivering . . . as weapons platforms.

    And a lot of times, they can have technology switched out on them, and they can be either/or.

    David: Are you saying, then, that the Aurora might have been used in conventional warfare, just that the people who get hit by those bombs don't know where they came from?

    Corey: It's possible that it was used in conventional warfare, but it sounds like that was saved for . . . it was in the inventory for a special event, like if there was a conflict with the Soviet Union.

    David: All right. We're now going to get into actual blueprint illustrations that he gave from insider testimony of the Alien Reproduction Vehicle, or ARV, which seems to be an exact duplicate of the original German Bell Craft. Let's take a look.

    * * * * * *

    ALIEN REPRODUCTION VEHICLE _______________________________________________________________

    For the rest of Cosmic Disclosure: Faster Than Light Technology With Mark Mccandlish Click Here

    Tuesday, May 16, 2017

    Sheldan Nidle Update: A Grand Energy is to Fill You

    Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

    All that is needed is a formal announcement. This is expected shortly. When this finally happens, it is to express to all that the final elements required have been completed. At that time, you can be formally released from debt, as a special jubilee is to be declared. With this in place, you can begin those tasks that are at the heart of your true passions.

    Galactic Federation Symbol for the
    Sirian Star Nation

    Selamat Jalwa! Despite various worries, the movement toward distribution continues. A number of new criteria are being added that could create a slight delay. We were told by the Elders and their many associates that we are again approaching a breakout point. Those in charge of this complex process know that the first distributions are nearing a release point. Due to this procedure, it is believed that those selected to be first are anxiously awaiting this decision. Thus, we have been informed that we must be prepared for some truly exciting news!

    As you can see, there is much that is close to happening, namely, the actual start of the formal circulation of US Treasury-based notes. These are gold-backed and can easily destroy the US Federal Reserve Bank. This new reality is also designed to lead to the rapid collapse of the illegal and de facto USA, INC. It is to efficiently be replaced by the new NESARA Republic. The cornerstone in the making of this new realm is your new governance and its financial system.

    Meanwhile we are concentrating on our objectives. The main one is, of course, to insure that these re-evaluated currencies are successfully given to the people of this surface reality. We realize what all of this truly represents. It is the means whereby the dark cabal can be defeated and a new free and prosperous time can finally commence for you. It is this newly forming reality that is to finally permit our grand mission to begin in earnest. We understand some of the past delays but nevertheless deeply feel just how important it is to end your need to worry about the continuing horror of this fading old reality.

    It is the continuing complications of this old reality that require a timely vanquishing of the dark by ourselves and our allies. The Elders and other similar groups need to allow for these immense funds to be safely distributed around your surface realm. In our opinion, it has taken much too long to finish what to us is a simple process. Combined with this is a truly massive arrest and isolation of the ruling cabal and its associates. When this successfully occurs, NESARA and all that it implies can be swiftly executed. Finally, the rest of our mutual agenda can be achieved. Hosanna!! Hosanna!

    Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters!
    We come today knowing that the demise of the dark cabal in this realm is near. At present, those forces of the Light that are to publicly proclaim the new NESARA Republic are finally preparing to do so. Heaven is divinely telling us that the grand readying of this glorious event is done. All that is needed is a formal announcement. This is expected shortly. When this finally happens, it is to express to all that the final elements required have been completed. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

    At that time, you can be formally released from debt, as a special jubilee is to be declared. With this in place, you can begin those tasks that are at the heart of your true passions. We know that a grand energy is to fill you as you at last start your many appointed tasks. We feel that a great growing of your many businesses can start a truly massive transformation of this surface realm. This activity is to bring great joy to us all! Humanity is to be free at last to do as it divinely wishes!

    This transformation is to bring great cures and grand ways to creatively resolve this surface reality's problems. These tasks are to transform war into peace and proclaim your sovereignty to all. We Masters can then set a time for those necessary lessons that we are obligated to provide. We are to do this in joy and with full knowledge that you now know how you were moved so heinously into limited consciousness! This new understanding of your history is destined to serve you well. May the Light embrace you in every way.

    Today we reviewed what is unfolding around this beautiful blue-green Orb. Things are afoot that are presently to alter this realm. Be ready for these events and know that a wealth of wonderful happenings are to shortly manifest. Know, dear Ones, that the countless supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! And Be in Joy!

    For more from PAO & GF


    Welcome to PAO's Live Webinar for May

    Prepare for Contact~Learn the Truth

    Gaia and the History of UFOs

    In this Webinar, Sheldan provides an overview of UFO history on our planet and explains how we are headed toward disclosure and landings ... the key to our galactic future.

    For thousands of years UFOs have visited Gaia, creating controversy among her inhabitants. Over centuries, rulers and governments have gone to extreme lengths to conceal sightings and to provoke fear and xenophobia among their citizens.

    Topics include...

    • UFOs: a brief planetary history
    • Cover-ups: Conspiracy Theories and Ridicule
    • Fearmongering: Creating Xenophobia
    • Sightings
    • Disclosure
    • Landings: the key to our Galactic future

    Sunday, May 21, 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. PDT


    Thursday, May 25, 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. PDT
    Talk to Sheldan Live...simply by using your home computer
    (After the Webinar, Sheldan will answer your questions)

    Seats are Limited... Register Now!

    To make payment and register: Click Here

    Cost: $15.00 U.S.

    "Intel Validation and Victory Announcement" - One Who Knows and Sephora FyreByrde

    Image: UFOs-Disclosure.blogspot

    By One Who Knows and Sephora FyreByrde

    Intel Validation & Victory Announcement

    There was a lot of things that have recently happened and Sephora and I have checked with our sources and were able to verify them. Here is the latest report from Sephora and I on these matters.


    Sephora FyreByrde:

    Hey There BELOVED IDC Family!

    Richard/OWK Broughte My Attention To The Post "Intel Received From A Key Person Behind The Exchange" & Asked "WHAT ARE YOU HEARING FROM OUR 'FRIENDS' REGARDING THIS LOVE?" He Was Referring, Of Course, To The Republic LeaderShippe, GrandFather, Micah/Ashtar and the Angelic Realm & Galactic Federation LeaderShippe.

    Here is the "Intel" Link:

    Intel Received from a Key Person Behind the Exchange


    AnyWaye... I've Beene Getting Information On & Off ALL DAYE Primarily From GrandFather About The Verifycations & Authenticity Of What's Out in Dinarland, Information-Wyse.




    I Have Also JUST GOTTEN The Following From The Republic Leaders...





    Richard... Take It From Here Please...


    One Who Knows / Star Fynder / Richard Lee McKim Jr.:

    Thanks Sephora, for this great intel.

    This is really great news my friends. Clearly the big things that Yosef was talking about, and also that we have our Top sources confirming, are actually happening. They have also confirmed that recent "intel" post (Link below). It makes me think that we are finally here at the END of the ride. Here is that recent "Intel" post that was confirmed as authentic:

    Intel Received from a Key Person Behind the Exchange

    Alive vs. Dead

    Obviously, these top problem Cabal "Faces" could have been shot dead and we would have been done with them, but, there was the sleeping public to consider. What would they think if these top leaders were shot dead? Besides, as much as it sounds like a good idea, and it really does, it serves the public way better to have them resign on camera and transfer power peacefully to the NPTB. That way, there is not a lot of explaining to do, and it limits the amount of public back lash that could have happened, if they were just "taken out," and I don't mean to dinner.

    By the way, I can confirm from top sources that it did come down to the final agreement being settled "at gun point." I can imagine it was a touchy situation since the two worst Cabal Faces left, Netanyahu of Israel, and Poroshenko of the Ukraine, might rather die than face what is coming for them in the coming days, months and years. Needless to say they both lost EVERYTHING including any amnesty deals they might have had. No currency exchange, No Freedom, and FULL Prosecution for both of them.

    The Trump story was a bit different. Yes he was being difficult, but it was game play to appease the Mossad, and make them think he was playing along. But in the end, he signed his resignation and willingly after the others were taken down, so to speak, and got his amnesty Deal as well. While he may have some dirty laundry from his past, clearly, he is on our side now, and I for one am willing to give him a pass, for his transgressions as he has truly proven to me that he is helping the NPTB and the Elders bring in our Restored Republic.


    In the matter of accusations that have been leveled at Trump, you will need to draw a distinction between what is real, possible past deeds, which frankly are not in the public domain, and current "Office" related accusations which are ALL game play. After all, for the change over to the Republic to happen, there is going to have to be "Something" that is so problematic, and damaging that it will lead to his resignation. Will these reports and stories be true? Hardly. Will the public buy these stories that lead to his Resignation? I hope so, after all, that is the plan.

    Paul Ryan

    On the Matter of Paul Ryan, the Interim President of the Republic, he is "SQUEAKY CLEAN." I don't care what anyone else says. There are only two types of people bad mouthing President Paul Ryan:

    #1) Those who bought in on the Cabal back-story that was created to get him in to the Cabal "Boys-Club," otherwise known as the Congress. There was a lot of very believable "Planted" information, just like what you see on crime stories, when they set up a back-story on a cop who is going under cover. It had to be good or else the Cabal would have figured it out with all their spying and evesdropping devices. In short, the Fake Cabal back story was so good it fooled the Cabal and is still fooling some people to this day.

    #2) The other type of people who are "bad Mouthing" President of the Republic Paul Ryan, are the remaining Cabal minions who know full well EXACTLY who he is and what his true position is. They are trying to give him a bad name, before the Republic is announced. It is foolish, because the Fake back story will be disclosed at some time in the future when the time is right. But for now, we need to keep an eye on these trouble makers.

    In short we are the "Informed" and best educated of all Light Workers on this matter. We should all know that our Interim President is a Top Notch, Patriot of the Republic. Of all people, we should treat him with respect and appreciation for all he has been through and for what he is doing for us. Between him and Generals: Joe Dunford, (Mad Dog) Mattis, and General Kelly, we have been in good hands, and it is high time for us to show our appreciation to them for their efforts on our behalf.

    It is in our best interest as a country and as a World, for the Republic to have a GRAND ENTRANCE and Introduction to the World. It is on all of us to help that happen in any way we can; as the faster our Restored Republic gets introduced and gets up to speed, the sooner we start seeing all the benefits it will have to offer its "Residents." Some of my favorite things I am waiting to hear are "No more IRS & No More Income Taxes!" Coming in a close second: No More FBI or CIA, and No More Homeland Security! Well, I could go on and on, but needless to say, it is going to be a celebration that rivals the 4th of July! Independence [Day] from the CABAL!

    The Bottom Line

    The bottom line is that all the big things are actually done. There is nothing standing in our way to take the "LAST STEP" which is to change the rates publicly, and for us to start exchanging our currencies for our new lives as Humanitarians. We don't always get the story of what is happening in our World to move this forward, but when we do, it is Fabulous! Nothing but good news. Not only did our top sources CONFIRM the latest intel post (Link above), but we got an inside look at what they have had to go through to get us to this point.

    My friends, after a journey of a million miles, we are about to travel the last inch into the exchange centers to gain our freedom, and Freedom for the Whole World as well. You, the Light Workers, WHO NEVER GAVE UP AND ALWAYS BELIEVED IT WOULD WORK OUT IN THE END, created the energy field that afforded this World Wide change. For the first time in the History of the Universe, and in ALL of Creation, we defeated the Cabal, and saved ourselves, with a little help of course. You don't really realize how important and MEANINGFUL this victory is, but eons from now, you and everyone else will remember it fondly, as a turning point where Love overcame Fear, right here on Planet Earth, in the Earth Year 2017, and YOU WERE THERE!

    Well Done my friends, and now the only thing to do is stand by for Exchange instructions and that elusive 800# as well. I EXPECT it to happen any time, and any day. Let it happen, and let it Be(come) REALIZED!


    May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

    Signed: One Who Knows & Sephora FyreByrde

    Thanks to:

    And a special thanks to Patrick who runs:

    Sunday, May 14, 2017

    MUFON Symposium 2017 - William Tompkins to Reveal 60yrs of Secrets on the SSP


    From: MUFON

    MUFON Symposium 2017 - William Tompkins to Reveal 60yrs of Secrets on the Secret Space Program

    2017 MUFON Symposium
    July 21-23
    JW Marriott Las Vegas, NV

    NEW Area 51 Tours Added!

    Saturday, May 13, 2017

    Timely Interview with Sheldan Nidle and Alexandra Meador ~ Galactic Connection (video)

    Timely Interview with Sheldan Nidle and
    Alexandra Meador ~ Galactic Connection

    Greetings from Galactic Heart . . .

    Earlier this week Sheldan was interviewed by Alexandra Meador from Galactic Connection. They enjoyed a great conversation:

    In this timely and exciting interview, Sheldan Nidle speaks with Alexandra about the big changes that are impending in our immediate future. The demise of USA, Inc. is imminent, according to Sheldan, and the establishment of the new NESARA Republic will closely follow. Sheldan and Alexandra discuss the desperate ploys recently undertaken by the failing forces of darkness to delay this plan, and especially their antics surrounding North Korea. Taking into consideration the many factors of uncertainty, Sheldan gives here his best estimate as to when the political system will be overhauled and prosperity funds will be released.

    Alexandra and Sheldan also discuss the ultimate galactic and spiritual stages of the rapid transformations of Earth and society now already upon us: Ascension and the New Earth. They ponder whether we will be taken aboard the ships or into Inner Earth when Gaia experiences her great changes. Despite some uncertainty about the modality of our planetary transformation, Sheldan and Alexandra emphasize that the victory of light over dark forces is already sealed. They also agree that Nibiru does not present any present danger, and that there is no cause for existential fear and dismay about any of the coming changes, but quite the reverse. Joy and celebration are most appropriate.

    Sheldan discusses how the galactics have been keeping the worst abuses and catastrophic intents of the Illuminati in check, while allowing Earth's inhabitants and starseeds to effect those planetary and political changes whose responsibility they took on with this incarnation. He also gives an overview of the future roles and tasks of our galactic 'mentors', once the 'landings' have commenced, or we are taken aboard the ships. The inner earth Agarthans also will play a major role in these events, according to Sheldan.

    A great deal of the conversation revolves around Sheldan's deep understanding of physics, both the true physics of the universe taught by his own galactic contacts, and also the mistaken views of conventional science. In fact, the world is much simpler than our arcane and complicated scientific disciplines make it out to be. Sheldan is writing a new book on consciousness, the most profound and fundamental aspect of our many worlds, and the basis for all physical manifestation. Here there is but one rule, he says: there are no rules. Rather than the hard and fixed objects of our Cartesian paradigm, in reality, Sheldan says, speaking of the energy that lies beyond matter, "everything flows." Or at least, it should. This is our birthright; it is what we all once knew and it is that which now awaits us, with New Earth.

    For the interview, click on the image below or here are several other links to accesss this timely interview:


    Welcome to PAO's Live Webinar for May

    Gaia and the History of UFOs

    For thousands of years UFOs have visited Gaia, creating controversy among her inhabitants. Over centuries, rulers and governments have gone to extreme lengths to conceal sightings and to provoke fear and xenophobia among their citizens.

    In this Webinar, Sheldan provides an overview of UFO history on our planet and explains how we are headed toward disclosure and landings ... the key to our galactic future.

    Topics include...

    • UFOs: a brief planetary history
    • Cover-ups: Conspiracy Theories and Ridicule
    • Fearmongering: Creating Xenophobia
    • Sightings
    • Disclosure
    • Landings: the key to our Galactic future

    Sunday, May 21, 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. PDT


    Thursday, May 25, 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. PDT
    Talk to Sheldan Live...simply by using your home computer
    (After the Webinar, Sheldan will answer your questions)

    Seats are Limited... Register Now!

    To make payment and register: Click Here

    Cost: $15.00 U.S.


    Friday, May 12, 2017

    What Are Replicators?

    Captain Janeway uses a replicator. Many Star Trek technologies have been borrowed
    from known galactic appliances

    By Steve Beckow - Part 1/3

    What are Replicators?

    The Arcturians through Sue Lie made a helpful comment recently. They said:
    In fact, as Gaia moves more and more into Her fifth dimensional resonance, the use of money, gold or any form of material exchange will end, to be replaced by replicators, which can be used to create anything that you need.

    By the time Gaia fully resonates to the fifth dimension, money will become obsolete, as ALL fifth dimensional societies have the ability to create all that they need off of their personal replicator.

    In fact, replicators are now available to all of humanity, but they are hidden along with the MANY inventions that are available NOW, but are being concealed from the masses and are only available to the few. The replicator is among the many third-dimensional secrets that have not yet been released to give comfort and support to those in need and/or humanity as a collective.
    For those new to the subject, what is a replicator?

    I first heard of a replicator-like device in 1977 during a stay at an Indian guru’s ashram. It was said that the guru had given several yogis, who were doing important work meditating in a remote Himalayan cave, an Akshaya Patra, a wish-fulfilling bowl. They took from it all their nourishment needs. Could there in fact be such a thing?

    In more recent times, the galactics and celestials have discussed the subject with us. The fullest discussion can be found in Sheldan Nidle’s messages.

    Sheldan’s sources consider the replicator an important gift – one of two they’ll introduce to us right away.
    Once we feel that this new reality is working and beginning to achieve its first goals, we are going to do two things. First, we need a mass landing to introduce you to your mentors. Second, we intend to introduce our replicators to you. The way is then set for a swift path to full consciousness!
    Why the replicators second? What purpose do they serve? Apparently they serve a number of purposes, besides just making an Earl Grey, hot.

    One is to have us experience their realm and feel at peace with it.
    As you begin to integrate [our] new concepts [on matter and spirit] into your worldview, you become capable of entertaining ideas that had previously seemed fantastic. This is when our technology can begin to make sense to you.

    We live in a very different realm from yours and would like you to experience some of what our reality is like. This will allow you to compare both worlds and to revel in just how easy it is to adapt to and welcome all we have to offer you.

    Our technology can form the first support of a bridge between us, and the second support will be your growing consciousness. Consciousness is basic, as our tools are predicated on telepathy and telekinesis and on the mutual interplay this provides between our tools and us.
    Our use of the replicator will introduce us to telepathy, which will help us later communicate with our star family.

    He broadens our understanding of what a machine is and what a being is, what’s insentient and what’s sentient:
    From our perspective there is no real separation between our technology and us. Whether the device is a ship, a transporter, or a replicator, all are living entities which merge their sentient potential with our own to create something. This something can be a trip through the universe, the invention of a special implement to make life easier, or dinner!

    The point is to move beyond your present notion that there are living and non-living states. Your planet and your Sun are alive! And as you progress into the sciences of nanotechnology, nanobiology, and artificial intelligence, new definitions of sentiency are sure to come up. What we are doing is jump-starting these concepts and demonstrating their potential.

    The use of a technology such as ours relies on your as-yet untapped mind-consciousness link, and our purpose is to bring forth this now latent ability in you, as it constitutes one of the stepping-stones on your road back to full consciousness. Then, as you blend your technologies with ours, something wonderful happens.
    So far we’ve seen several purposes: Replicators allow us to compare both worlds and come to ease with the higher; they serve as a bridge between our civilizations and lifestyles; they broaden our knowledge of sentiency; they develop our latent mind abilities/telepathy; and they help blend our technologies.

    But there’s more, all of this brought to us by the use of a seemingly-magical device and gift, the replicator:
    The activity of practicing how to operate our devices has the effect of strengthening your life force field. Many devices ‘acquired’ and back-engineered by your secret government have a similar effect.

    As you become proficient in their use, you will become aware that you possess a number of immense hidden talents, which we have been hinting at. These talents are remnants of your former fully conscious self, and once you set foot on this path there will be no avoiding the fact that you are much greater Beings than you presently believe.

    We have refrained from openly revealing these technologies to you before now because to do so ethically would have required a peaceful and cooperative environment in order for them to be in any way beneficial to you. This is why we are waiting until your new regimes have moved your societies beyond war and aggression. Once global cooperation is set up, we can bring in a whole slosh of technologies which will define the parameters of a new spiritual science for you.

    Creating this new science makes it possible for you to perceive your reality in a new light.
    So there is much more to the use of replicators than meets the eye. They’re one among a number of entrĂ©es into galactic society.

    Thanks to:

    Part 2
    Part 3

    Thursday, May 11, 2017

    One Who Knows: A Call To Light Workers - We Need Your Help

    By One Who Knows

    A Call To Light Workers - We Need Your Help

    Situation Report To All Light Workers: Action Required

    To All Who Read This, I AM Star Fynder.

    That is my Galactic Name as this is a Galactic Level Intervention.

    Mission Information & Plans:


    I checked with my top sources to see how things were going and got a sobering message. WE ARE THE ONES PREVENTING the Completion of the Roll out. That was a hard thing to hear since I thought we were done already. But the reality of the whole situation, is more than rounding up Cabal, and taking control of Governments and Financial institutions. There is an ENERGY component that has been hinted at from time to time, but, as it turns out, is WAY MORE IMPORTANT than we ever knew.

    At The Government Levels

    At the Macro levels of the plan, there are 209 countries who get NOTHING unless EVERYONE does their part to make this happen. If any one country steps out of line, they have 208 other countries jumping on their case and sending in troops and support to "Correct" the problem. This is the "ALL GO, OR NONE GO" ultimatum that is SO POWERFUL. All countries of the World are in financial ruins and barely surviving their inner turmoil, and shortage of funds. Remember that the Cabal had owned them and when they were booted out, they took all the money they could with them. We here in the U.S. went bankrupt, as have many other countries, and many more are barely on life support with the meager loans that they have been given. These governments are like you and I.

    Governments Are Light Workers For The Cause

    So at the government level, they are passing laws, changing out politicians, changing their financial system and doing EVERYTHING a Light Worker would do to get this Life Saving GCR finished. That is a big job, But, EVERY government is depending on the other 208 Governments to do what they are supposed to do as well, and what is Needed to be done. This is a group effort for the sake of saving the World. Every beneficial change that they make at their level of this cause, is a "Light Worker" type Move for the betterment of the Whole of Mankind and the Earth Herself. They are "Self Governing" in that they make sure each one in the group is doing what they are supposed to do, or else it costs EVERY ONE. They are NOT GOING TO LET THAT HAPPEN, and neither should we. The days of war, and acting irresponsibly are OVER for them, and our days of reckless banter and ranting are over for us as well. They are doing their jobs, and now it is time for us to do our jobs...

    We Don't Get A Free Ride

    We don't get a free ride on this World changing event. We are the "Light Workers." Did you notice the word "Work," in the phrase "Light Workers?" I hope so, because it is now time for you and I to do our jobs. That includes me, and it includes all of us. Do you want to get paid? I do. Do you think that we should be entitled to Trillions of dollars for a $50 dollar investment, and NOT have to earn it? HERE COMES THE HARD COLD REALITY, we have work to do and until we do it, we will wait.

    How does that sound? I know that I am the guy that is telling you that everything is all good, and it is about to happen, but, I got the Come To Jesus talk tonight and it shocked me. You want to know what I was told? I was told that "We are getting in the way of this going!!!!" I said what do you mean? "The negativity about it not going is stopping it from happening." What? You mean it comes down to the amount of positive energy? "YEP, it does, and that is being ruined by the complainers."

    My friends, I realized in that moment that it was time for us to get to "WORK," after all we are the Light "WORKERS." It is high time that we accepted the responsibility that comes with that title, and I might add that PAYCHECK! We don't get a free ride anymore, we are being asked DIRECTLY to tighten up on our vibrations, to HOLD THE LIGHT OF POSITIVE EXPECTATION TILL THIS HAPPENS.

    The Good News & The Bad News

    So, this is the classic good news, bad news story. The good news is that we have grown to be one of the most highly watched web sites in the Currency world, and even read at the Galactic level and every level of the Republic. We are the site that people come to find out what is going on in Dinarland. The good news is that our wonderful thought provoking posts and uplifting posts are positively effecting the World and beyond. We are truly the heart of the Light Worker Resistance, as such, we have more heart, more drive, more compassion and are more educated on what is really going on than any other group in the World. That is the very good news. But there is Bad news, and that is the problem.

    The Bad News

    The bad news is that negative Nellie's and ranter's posts are also going all over the World spreading negative energy that is resisting this GCR from taking place. Ironically, if we were a lesser known site, that was not as well known and followed as we are, this GCR may have already happened. BUT, because it is as far reaching as it is, and as influential as it is, the negative posts and rants cause HUGE damage to the overall energy of this pending event. This is why it is so important to the Cabal that they get a foot hold on this site to drag the energy of the Event down. While We have driven off those Cabal trolls whenever they raised their UGLY heads in our house, we still have an In-House Problem.

    We Have An In-House Problem

    Our own nay-sayers, the negative posters who constantly find fault with gurus, or other posters about anything and everything they can, are causing a delay in the GCR. It is like they can't wait to see what was posted so they can take a shot at it. I had paid no mind to what I thought was just a minor nuisance. BUT, because of the influence of this website, and all the places it goes in the World, and out of this World for that matter, those seemingly tiny problems are keeping the rest of us from getting paid. As was told to me, we are literally getting in our own way, with the negative posts, and preventing this GCR from happening. Ironically, we look around to Trump, France, Cabal, or wherever else we can think of, to see what is stopping it from going, and all we had to do is look in the mirror to find the problem.

    If We Were a Country

    If we were one of the 209 countries, they would be all over us to get our act together and get on board with the program and the plan. That is what they do. They make sure not one of their members, the other countries, get out of line, as it hurts everyone, and THEY ARE NOT GOING TO HAVE IT. Neither should we.

    It is time that we monitor ourselves and take responsibility for our own vibrations individually, and our vibrations collectively. We ARE Light Workers and that is what a Light Worker does! Come on man! That is called holding the Light, the work of Light Workers. What you are getting paid Trillions of dollars to do for the World, is JUST hold the darn Light! Please! How hard is it to hold your words from harming us, and preventing the GCR from finishing?

    Time To Earn Your HUGE Paycheck

    What the public can't do, we have to do and we are being paid VERY well for it. The public can't do what we are doing. They still think there will be war, and strife, and other disasters. WE KNOW BETTER. That makes it easier for us to be happy and excited about what is coming. We are the few, is it, the 144,000 that it takes to hold a positive vibration long enough to shift the World and Finish the GCR? It is time to earn your paycheck! Do you want your money? Do you want it soon? YOU BETTER GET YOUR VIBRATION RIGHT, FOR YOUR SAKE AND THE REST OF US. The time of the free ride negative rants are OVER.

    You Are Helping Us Or Hurting Us

    Remember how the countries do it? Self monitoring? Hear this: all those who feel inclined to post some negative rant, don't do it. STOP IN YOUR TRACKS. You have been given notice. If you are not thinking and posting positive thoughts for us to read, YOU ARE WORKING AGAINST US. It is now up to us. Don't complain, if you complain don't expect it to happen, and by the way, hold yourself responsible, as we will definitely hold you responsible as well.

    I Propose a Blockade

    I am the first one to stand up for free speech, but, I think it is time to consider a Blockade to Cabal trolls who are coming up in our house and using our good name site to transmit their Cabal propaganda to the World. The alternative is for them to post and then for me to fight them in public causing even more negative energy and fear.

    This is drastic, but we are at the end of this. I was told that there is NOTHING LEFT to get done, and NO Geo-Political issues left. It is an energy problem and we are the cause. Frankly, I love free will, and free speech, but I think that we are at the end and it is time to tighten up our ship for battle. The Cabal are doing their best all over the World to cause doubt, and worry, and we need to counter that with optimism and high expectation. WE ARE THE ONES WHO CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN. WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR & WAITING FOR!

    The blockade for Cabal agenda outsiders is important, but so is the blockade of our in-house nay-sayers. We should not put up with someone posting some post about how this is wrong or that is wrong, this or that isn't right, or it won’t happen till next year. If we were the countries in this GCR and one of them was screwing it up for the others and the World, they would send their armies in and stop them at all costs. It is that important. Lives are literally at stake for this to go.

    Sorry to say, if someone rants, they are Cabal, and I don’t care who they are. We have been told what the problem is, and what to do about it, and if one of us rants anyway, they are suspect in my book, and should be banned just as the Cabal trolls are.

    This is GO TIME for us to do our work and our work is holding the Light of Positive energy, and remember you are getting paid Trillions for this. So do a good job, a job that lives up to the pay that you are getting for it.

    The Hand Off To Sephora

    Remember, we here on Earth, are the first ones in the history of creation that had made it this far in the battle of light vs. dark. Maldek and the rest were completely destroyed by these Cabal psychopaths.

    This matter is so important at this stage of the game, that I asked Sephora to come in on this post and add her insights as well. By the way, You think that I am "connected...." Please, you have no idea how Connected she is. I would say that she is one of the most well connected Beings in this World, bar none. Now you know.

    Sephora, would you please add your thoughts on this important matter? The energy of the planet is vitally important at this time, and no one knows more about that than you.


    As Star Fynder has already saide... This IS SomeThing SO BLESSED IMPORTANT That We LyghteWorkers REALLY, REALLY DO Neede To GET IT TOGETHER & BE MINDE-FULL Of EACH & EVERY THINGE That We DO, ACTUALLY SAYE & THINKE!

    If You Could VISUALLY SEE The ENERGETIC RESULTS Of Your Thoughts, SPOKEN/Wrytten Words & Actions AS I & OTHER HEALERS CAN and SEE Howe They Really Do Affect & Effect EVERY PERSON, THINGE & BEing Around You... You MYGHTE, Just Myghte, Start Doing What Richard/Star Fynder Is ASKING.

    Whyle Richard/Star Fynder IS NOT The Fyrst To Bringe This Request Out To Us, He IS One Of The Most VOCAL About This Stuff That I Have EVER KNOWN! And THATBeLoved Family Is Going SomeWhere Gyven Howe Many Incarnations He & I Have Shared Together.

    As I See This, Star Fynder has Had The Republic & Galactic Federation Backing Him For A VERY LONG SPAN. The Information That He Got ToDaye Came From A VERY PowerFull Person In The Republic Leadership! To Saye That This Very Information Came As A COMPLETE SHOCK To Him Is An UNDERSTATE- MENT To Be Certain. And It Came As A Shock To ME As Well! Lyke Star Fynder, I Too THOUGHTE That We - HuManity in General & LyghteWorkers SPECIFICALLY - Had Beene Doing A GREAT JOB.




    Thank You Sephora!


    May we all recognize the gravity of our current situation, and stand in our Knowing that this GCR is done and ready to complete with our exchanges. May we know that energy and vibration are the basis of manifestation in this Universe, and that Holding the Light, Holding a Positive View Point, is the only way that this Manifestation can complete on time. May we recognize that the Cabal already know this Universal truth, and are doing their best to bring the vibration of the planet down, by the actions of their minions. May we recognize and know that Holding the Light, is our sacred work, at this time in the history of the World, and the ONLY way to raise the energy enough for this GCR to complete.

    Please hold your expectation, excitement and energy as high as possible, and it will help this GCR to complete quickly. Let us keep the negative influences out of our house, since we are the link to the whole World. Shine your light and I'll shine my light, and together we will complete this very import event in the history of man, and the history of Creation.

    May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

    Signed: One Who Knows & Sephora FyreByrd - Unified In Purpose

    Thanks to: