Thursday, January 14, 2016

Inner Earth Civilizations Embark on Negotiations to end Isolation From Humanity

By Dr. Michael Salla

Inner Earth Civilizations Embark on Negotiations to end Isolation From Humanity

Hidden beneath the Earth’s surface are the remnants of ancient human civilizations spanning back in time as much as 18 million years ago

While the Inner Earth people look human enough, they are genetically very different to surface humanity. In the January 12 episode of Cosmic Disclosure, Secret Space Program whistleblower, Corey Goode, elaborates on his earlier revelation that surface humanity is a hybrid mixture of the ancestors of Inner Earth humans, residing on the surface, and various extraterrestrials who visited over the course of millennia.

Back on September 23, 2015, Goode issued a detailed report of his participation in secret negotiations with representatives from an alliance of seven Inner Earth breakaway civilizations. In his report, Goode described the very long history of the Inner Earth people, and their relationship with surface humanity and visiting extraterrestrials.

The Inner Earth beings believe that they are the direct descendants of the “original earth human bloodlines,” according to Goode. They developed a very peaceful global culture that used “ancient builder technologies” which were provided by a highly advanced extraterrestrial race called the “Guardians”.

Eventually, they fled into the Earth’s interior to escape four major catastrophes on the surface. They took the most advanced technologies and knowledge from their civilizations with them to preserve these into the future.

Over the succeeding millennia, the Inner Earth beings would occasionally interact with the survivors of the surface destructions to give them help in rebuilding their civilizations. In Goode’s September report, he described how the Inner Earth humans would pretend to be gods or extraterrestrials to those on the surface in order to hide their true origin and location.

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  1. Corey Goode is full of bullshit why do you write stuff he tells you?? I believe in aliens/ ufo and such but Corey Goode makes people that believe look like crackpots and dafties and our credibility is in question !! Stop giving Corey Goode I mean Corey BAD a mention!!!!

    1. Unknown: You will find out the truth before the end of this year and it is far greater than fiction, far greater than anything you can imagine. Corey Goode is battling for the truth on behalf of beings of which if you ever actually see you would probably poop yourself just for being the small minded person you obviously are.

    2. I agree this Goode guy is full of hot air, ridiculous, but don't worry this time next year they will say at the end of the year they will reveal themselves b.s.

  2. My BS meter pegs off the scale on this stuff!! I believe the info Corey Good is selling is about as probable as the tooth fairy story. I'm rather troubled that so many people seem to just be lapping this stuff up!