Saturday, July 05, 2014

US Army UFO Retrieval Team Member - Our Galactic Family

US Army UFO Retrieval Team Member Clifford Stone on Our Galactic Family

Graham Dewyea interviews US Army UFO retrieval team member Clifford Stone on Our Galactic Family.

Sergeant Clifford Stone, now retired, served for 22 years in the Army and was a member of a top secret UFO crash recovery operation, which cataloged 57 different extraterrestrial races, many of whom were very much like us.

His role included serving as an interface between the government and extraterrestrial visitors, where he used his special abilities to communicate telepathically with them, which he has done since he was a child. At times emotional, Clifford shares an experience coming upon a crashed craft and it's occupants, and shares how in another encounter he helped a star being escape from custody.

We discuss the five star beings who were with him as a child, how extraterrestrials are assisting humanity and earth, ET spirituality, technology, unity consciousness, multidimensions, universal love, time travel, how ET's assisted ancient cultures, Disclosure, and more.

Music plays for about 1minute before the interview
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  1. I dont know about this guy. Big they aren't here to help us, they aren't mad at us for nuclear technology (in fact it's the cleanest energy source, and their crafts have definitely shown to emit high levels of gamma radiation), and they are not benevolent beings. as far as we can tell, their emotional capacity is very limited and certainly absent of compassion or empathy. They are engineered beings, specifically for sustained space flight. Intellectual capacity is a priority over all others, wbich is why most aliens reported are of the grey-types (both orgin species). They brain obviously would dominate metabolic needs, bowever 2 legs and 2 hands are the most efficient setup for usefulness- can perform the most array of tasks while movement in an environment can easily be accomplished. Body is very slender as a result of (or designed for) low/zero gravity operation environment. They are definitely predatory creatures, as eyes are placed for visual acuity, and very large to maximize low-light vision in the darkness of space. Visual spectrum is shifted downward vs our sight- able to pick up near infrared light and also protect from uv light damage.
    As creatures that are engineered to a specific purpose, they are the bare necessary requirements, and the result is no sexual organs and lack of moral/emotional parts of their brain (no more than beneficial). It's not clear if they still serve their creators, or have since escaped from control. They have been attempting to modify their bodies to reproduce without extensive equipment and biologic needs, but seem to have not been able to achieve this yet. Obviously why so many abductions report fetal removal, IV fertilization, and other procedures involving the examination and experimentation with both gender sexual organs.
    People that think they will help us, they care about us or our planet, or anything that would help us at all- it's just wishful thinking, or the projection of their needs or hopes into these entities. If they were so beneficial, why do they hurt and kill so many people, and ruin even more lives by subjecting a family through a succession of generations to recurring abductions? Why would they probe our military weaknesses (especially our nuclear weapons) to see where there technology limits them and us?
    Get a clue- they are going to do what they came for, whether it hurts us or disrupts us. And whatever they are here for, can't possibly be in life best interests considering their behavior thus far...