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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW - Two Kids Secretly Tested Roswell UFO Material (video)

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Two Kids Secretly Tested Roswell UFO Material

This is a true story of two kids who grew up on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio and got their hands on some magical metal from the UFO that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

They didn’t just see or touch the metal; they tested the magical metal in many inventive ways. What they discovered has been their secret since 1957. Now, 59 years later, “Jill” has decided it’s safe to share the most memorable adventure of her life.

Her bottled-up story pours out with such captivating descriptions that anyone listening will be transported back in time with her. It’s an interview that gets better as it rolls along because Jill shifts to telling her story from the perspective of a 10-year-old.

Twice during the interview, tears flowed down Jill’s cheeks as she recalled how it felt to touch the magical metal. You might even hear the emotion as she speaks about it.

And, yes, the kids got into major trouble and were so intimidated that it took Jill nearly 60 years to tell anyone.

Click Here to view the YouTube video interview.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Unearthing Nazca: Another Species? (videos)


is this groundbreaking evidence of another species?

Peru is home to some of the greatest mysteries which have perplexed the most astute of historian and scientist. And now, a new mystery has been unearthed.

In this Gaia Special Report, we will explore the step-by-step analysis of this potentially major archeological discovery to determine if this is groundbreaking evidence of another species. Independent scientists from around the world are examining the anomalous findings.

Join us for this ongoing investigation. As we learn more, you will learn more.

At you can watch for free all the updates concerning this major archeological discovery. The latest one is Update 4: Smaller Bodies Revealed.

In Update 4 they share more results and take a look at two more bodies that have come from the tomb bearing resemblances to Maria and Victoria.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Secret Space Program Whistleblowers Under Scrutiny

By Dr. Michael Salla

Secret Space Program Whistleblowers Under Scrutiny – Response to Richard Dolan

On July 16, leading UFO historian, Richard Dolan, released an article setting out his views about how to assess individuals who have claimed to have direct knowledge and experience concerning secret space programs. He explains his sympathy for the view that such programs exist, and that people have been through these programs where they have or want to come forward with what they know.

However, he describes his general skeptism about individuals who not only claim to be whistleblowers with detailed knowledge about secret space programs, but who also achieve a certain degree of public acceptance, while providing no evidence in support of their claims:
But when it comes to significant claims being made–really big claims that are not only radical on their own merits but which transform the field (and bring fame and money to those making them), then we clearly need a higher standard than “he seems like a good guy with a detailed story so I believe him.”
Richard views such individuals as wittingly or unwittingly muddying the waters, making it increasingly difficult for independent researchers seeking to ascertain the truth about these programs.

He describes three whistleblowers in particular who have come forward and gained a level of public attention with their incredible claims:
Some of the most prominent of these people include Andrew Basiago, Randy Kramer, and Corey Goode. These three individuals have each claimed to have gone to Mars for extended periods of time. That’s explosive enough, of course, but they have also stated that they have engaged in time travel.
Richard points out that the lack of evidence means that we need to take the whistleblowers word for it, which can be a dangerous thing for researchers:
Again, I must emphasize that none of these whistleblowers has made a claim that an independent investigator can confirm. Everything is based on trust. Believing such stories without genuine evidence takes us down a dangerous road within an already treacherous field that is constantly in the crosshairs of a skeptical establishment.
He is here attempting to steer what he perceives to be the middle path between a highly critical group of skeptics and debunkers claiming such whistleblowers are, at best, delusional or at worst pathological liars, and supporters accepting whatever the whistleblowers have to say on trust alone.

Richard refers to a series of emails he received encouraging him to come out against Goode in particular, who has recently been subjected to sustained criticism from Bill Ryan and Daniel Liszt (aka Dark Journalist) in a series of interviews. Ryan and Liszt have been a focal point for an internet campaign to discredit Goode as a pathological liar.

I have responded to their alleged impartial investigation of Goode elsewhere in terms of how they ignore documents and expert testimonies that validate Goode’s claims about his two-decades long background in the Information Technology industry. By ignoring Goode’s verifiable background, both investigators have deliberately attempted to cast doubt on his credibility by asserting that he came forward purely for monetary gain, as opposed to genuine whistleblower’ desire to reveal the truth about official wrong doing even at the cost of a once lucrative career.

For the rest of Dr. Salla's article: Secret Space Program Whistleblowers Under Scrutiny - Response to Richard Dolan Click Here

Cosmic Disclosure: Testimony on pyramids and Underground Cities


Cosmic Disclosure:
David Wilcock and Pete Peterson
Testimony on pyramids and Underground Cities

David Wilcock: All right. Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm your host, David Wilcock, and we have a special surprise for you.

This is Pete Peterson, coming back a year later after our last taping, and there's a lot more that he's been authorized to talk about. So without further ado, I bring you Pete Peterson.

Pete, welcome to the show.

Pete Peterson: Thank you.

David: So you have so much knowledge. It's pretty amazing to try to even figure out what we could talk about first, but we were talking about this before we started.

And it seems like a good place to begin would be the fact that we have pyramids. There's over 500 pyramids in Mesoamerica made of gigantic blocks. There's over 100 to 120 of them in Egypt. And then there's many other cultures around the world that all seem to get the idea to take gigantic, multi-ton blocks of stone, carve them very precisely, and put them in these amazing monumental structures.

Everybody wants to know, what is the insider view of this? Based on your personal experience with government top secret programs, what did they speculate was going on there? Do they have any idea as to how these were built? Does it have anything to do with extraterrestrials?

For the rest of Cosmic Disclosure: Testimony on pyramids and Underground Cities Click Here

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

One Who Knows Update: Today's Check List

By: One Who Knows

Today's Check List

Here we are at the end of this ride and the Pitfalls and Rewards are greater than ever... Did you think it would be any less? The rates are higher than they have ever been, and the Cabal Traps and Scams are trickier than they have even been as well.... As in nature, all is in balance.

Know Your Enemy

The Cabal have very few days of freedom left. Will they exchange? Of course not, nor will they remain free once the GCR ends. So, why do they continue their evil ways? This is where you need to Know Your Enemy. You have to understand that they don’t like you. They know they have lost, they know they will never exchange and they know they will be arrested soon, but they still fight to take you down.

Remember Maldek, the once great and thriving World that is now just rubble floating in space?

That provides us a greater understanding of our Enemy. If they can't "Win" they are going to make sure to take you down with them. If they could not dominate a civilization, they would blow up the Planet, and that is exactly what they did. Likewise, they know they will not exchange and will not be free for long, so they are trying their best, to ruin it for you as well, before their end comes.

I can see it now, as they sit in their jail cells or at "Camp FEMA," they will be bragging about how many Light Worker Exchanges they ruined on their way out. The more the better. That is why they are so bold. They know they are caught, they know it is over for them, and they intend to do as much damage to Light Workers as they can on their way out. They can't blow up the planet, but they can blow up your exchange opportunity. Get It?

Today's Check List

That brings us to Today's Check List. It is a very simple list of do's and don'ts.

#1) Avoid Last Minute Cabal Scams

This is a very simple step. Once you understand they want to harm you, and this is the time of their greatest efforts to hurt you before they get taken down, it goes to reason that it is also the time you need to be on your guard more than ever.

#2) Look For Contact Number

There is NOTHING else that you need to do or learn before the exchange. Your ONLY task now, is to keep a watch for the Exchange Center Contact Numbers. What else do you need to know?

Hear this: EVERYTHING else you need to know, or want to know, can be answered by the Operator who sets your appointment, the Exchange Center who does your Exchange, and the Wealth Manager who will help get everything else Financial figured out for you. Don't you know that AFTER the GCR ends, and we get the call in numbers, that REAL TRUE information will then be readily available? For now, it is all secret and the Cabal are using that fact to lie to you. To avoid their traps, don't read their lies.

#3) Willie's Truth Call

Listen to Willie's Truth Call. This call is the last uncorrupted place where the Cabal can be called out and identified for you. It seems that all other Venues, have decided to be nice to the Cabal and not "Out" them in public. It seems that They believe in "Do No Harm to the Cabal," everyone else is fair game. However, on Willie's Call, Cabal operatives get NO SAFE HAVEN! Frankly, if there were a Willie's Truth Call on Maldek, we might have taken down the Cabal sooner and saved the Planet. If You are tired of being nice to the Cabal and want REAL TRUTH, then you should make it a point to listen to this call 5 nights a week. I am a guest on his call on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Here is the information:

Willies Truth Call (Info)

One Who Knows
(On: Monday / Wednesday / Friday )

Call In Number:
Pin number is 814-068#
M-F 9-11 PM

Daily Playback Number:
Pin number is 814-068#

Archives Of Recent & Past Calls:


#4) Ascension With Earth

Look for my posts on: Sometimes they get copied over to Intel Dinar Chronicles, but not always. If there is any REAL and IMPORTANT information that I need to get to you, I will post it on:

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that we are at the end of this ride. Yes, I know that we don’t have the contact numbers, but, they will be here soon enough. Just because you are desperate, does not mean you should fall for the Cabal "Light Worker" traps. I can tell you that NO MONEY will be returned to you in any form until we get on the other side of the World Wide Financial Reset. Then and only then, will you get back what you have coming to you. On this side of the Reset are only Cabal traps. Don’t let them blow up your future plans as they blew up Maldek all those years ago. They have nothing left to lose, but you do. At this time I only trust Willie's Real Truth Call and Ascension With Earth.

As far as your Exchange goes, you ONLY need and await, the contact numbers. Remember that all your questions will be answered in TRUTH by the Exchange operator, exchange center, and your Wealth Manager. EVERYTHING else is suspect. Your discernment is needed now more than ever. Frankly, if you stopped reading posts, you wouldn't miss out on anything since, there is nothing more you need to learn. However, if you do read them, "Sense" their intent, and if it seems wrong.... it most likely is. Remember, we are moving into a wonderful World and everything is Working Out for that. We will have the end of the GCR, the beginning of the Republic, NESARA/GESARA, and Disclosure. Then comes Healing, Peace and Prosperity for the next 10,000 years. Enjoy it, you have earned it, and deserve it.


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows / Richard Lee McKim Jr. / Star Fyer

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Crop Circles - The Language Of Creation (video)

Image: from video

By: Arbre Solaire

CROP CIRCLES ⚛ The Language Of Creation

Published on 7 Jul 2017
I created this video to share insights on this phenomenon. Interpretations are based on my level of consciousness and thus can appear " wrong " to someone else. That's the magic of it ♫

French version :

Time has come to (re)consider this matter seriously and draw the attention of the scientific community on it.

As a people we cannot rely on NASA ( Never A Straight Answer ) anylonger for insights about Life beyond Earth : Disclosure must come from individuals like you and I.

Speak your truth. Don't be afraid. We are not alone and now is the time to let the world know about it !

People who feel attracted to the phenomenon can monitor new crop circles on this precious website :

Special thanks to the photographers like Steve Alexander's and all other artists who made this video possible ♥

Ps : the Crop Circle appearing at 5:40 mins is man-made, used for illustration purposes. That was a test to see if you were watchful about proportions ( just kidding ! :) )

YouTube link: